Sunday, March 14, 2010

Along the Way Home

After visiting my Dad for 3 weeks
I got half way home on Friday.
My husband met me at his Dad's home Friday night
where we spent the night.
On Saturday, we started out for home.

As we were heading down the road towards Bedford,
this caught my eye... so D turned the car around so that
I could photograph it.

To my surprise, right beside this was a sign that
read, "Chip-In-Farm" with an arrow pointing
down a side street.
I had recently read about the Chip-In-Farm from
The Magpie's Fancy and so we followed the sign.

We were so delighted!
It is so charming and we bought 2 dozen fresh eggs!

It had been raining as we drove through
Massachusetts but as we approached Maine
the roads were dry!

Very cloudy and the sun was barely visible
as we stopped to look at the ocean and so that
I could take a deep breath
of the salty sea air.

As I looked down I spotted a heart rock!

It's good to be home!
( though I miss my family in Connecticut)


Gigi said...

I know just that clay-pot figure you photographed. So glad you stumbled upon the Chip-In Farm and that you took those great shots of the store. Isn't it the most charming place? And great eggs!

Sounds like you had a good trip! xo Gigi

Judy Hartman said...

How perfect! What a great trip, and a heart rock at the end!!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Thanks again for mentioning it on your blog.
It is such a charming place and my husband had a great conversation with the owner.
My father-in-law didn't know it was just down the road from him!

It was a good trip home! We had quite the wind and rain storm over the weekend...went down to the ocean on Mon. afternoon and the waves were enormous!