Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Dramatic Sky

Today started out with sunshine and warmth
and then big clouds rolled in, the sky
would darken, rain would fall and the sun
reappear and it kept this pattern up all
About 6 pm. we took a ride to the beach.
The dark sky lit up as the sun peeked out
through an opening and was so beautiful.

Stop by my blog Furry and Feathered Friends
to see who we saw further down the beach...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Surrounded by Rain Clouds

The past few days, rain clouds have
surrounded us.
Soft shades of gray envelop the beach.

In our garden, the rain brings out the colors...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Garden Helper

Kita Cat lives across the way in a
horse barn but yesterday morning
she found her way to our yard.
She is extremely friendly and seems to
love to help D work in the garden.

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday, in the early evening, D and I went over
to the beach for an invigorating walk
for it felt like winter! There were
only 2 figures on the beach, a father and his young
son, trying to fly a kite.
We enjoyed watching the relentless enthusiasm and
joy of this young child, who never gave up no matter how
many times the kite fell into the wet sand.
They were successful!

At the end of the beach there's a spot where the
beach roses grow right out of the rocks smoothed
by the sea. They are just beginning to bloom and
they are one of my favorite flowers
that signifies summer to me.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to my Studio

Welcome to my art studio.

Since today started out cloudy and drizzly,
I decided to do some rearranging inside
my studio. You're welcomed to take a look!

Why don't we stroll down the garden path that leads to the studio.
Ellie May the artist studio cat will be watching for you
from her upstairs window.

Let's step inside the porch...

See the scarecrow over in the corner,
well, that was part of a Scarecrow Festival
last October at the Nonantum Hotel
in Kennebunkport... artists and craftspeople
were invited to display their art and crafts
outside in a big tent if they brought a scarecrow
that they made. There were some incredible
scarecrows! The wind picked up and my scarecrow
fell right over and had to be anchored with big

Let's go inside...

In the center is a painting of Polly with
Ellie May's mouse on the couch...

The stairs lead to my work space upstairs...
I don't see Ellie May, she's probably still upstairs
in her window but she'll be down to greet you!

Oh, there's Ellie May! She's ready to go out on the porch
to look for chipmunks in the garden, her favorite

Thanks for visiting!

I thought you might like to see who made the studio and our
house and gardens, my husband, D, who wears many hats!
click here
thanks again for stopping by...

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Vegetable Garden

D has been busy working in the vegetable garden...

He's been making gates to keep the woodchucks
on the outside of the vegetable garden.
They used to have an underground tunnel with
an entrance/exit right inside the garden.

He's been gathering wood chips to line the paths
with... so much to do to prepare and this isn't even the
planting part.

He's planning to have poles that beans can run up
and grow squash and sunflowers in this area.

Today was in the high 80's and the heat has zapped our
energy! May have to follow our cat, Ellie May's example and take
a cat nap!


D carefully planted sunflower seeds with seedlings in the
plastic seed starter tray for germination this morning,
feeling pleased that he had started something.
He put it out on the back porch for safe keeping for fear
that if he put it outside someone would eat it...
Polly hangs out on the back porch
and could keep an eye on it.

To his dismay, just a few minutes ago, he went to check on the
tray of sunflowers seeds and someone had dug them up!
Horror! Who could have gotten into the porch....
Hmmmm, could this be the culprit ?

Spotted nearby the back porch steps.

To see him/her in action click here and here...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wander Through the Garden

The front gardens have many textures in the leaves
of plants, while some flowers have made their debut
and exited, others are yet to appear.

This chipmunk is feasting on an orange left for
the orioles. To see more of the chipmunk click here
and here.

Some of the lilacs are beginning to open
and are swaying in the breeze with the
apple blossoms.

The columbine is a partially hidden treasure
in the shade.

Through the trellis is a hint of the rhododendron
that the hummingbird loves

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apple Blossoms

I adore the apple blossoms.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunset at the End of the Clouds

D said, "Let's go for a ride" was at the end of
the day and the clouds were the kind that I love.
To our surprise the sun peeked out just before
setting and lit the sky in a most brilliant way.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trees of Spring

A day of contrasts, rain in the morning
and some sun in the afternoon.
Looking up at the sky through the
delicate branches of the birch
along with the blossoming apple tree
created intricate patterns.

The beautiful greens of spring obscured
the path leading to the brook.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


A favorite spring flower in our garden are
the Angelique tulips, who look so graceful and
remind me of ballerinas!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Helper

Usually as soon as I sit down to work,
I almost immediately find a cat on my lap
and when I take a break, Ellie May takes over!

Some of the things she's been helping me work on are
a special card, shells, sandpipers and a lighthouse.
I feel so fortunate to have such a loyal helper...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


What should we do this afternoon?
The strong winds of the morning brought
sunshine in the afternoon, a very clear light.
D suggested we head south to Ogunquit,
Maine ( about 17 miles from home) .
What a wonderful decision it turned out to be.

After a stop in the Harbor Candy Shop where
we were lucky to find some chocolate in the
bargain basket, we started
walking and ended up on the Marginal Way.

It was so beautiful way up high on the rocky
cliffs overlooking the majestic!
It was just what we needed. Sometimes it
is good to be spontaneous and
just get away for a little while to
clear one's mind and just enjoy the moment
without feeling guilty that you
should be doing something else.