Sunday, April 17, 2011


We took a ride to look at the beach this morning...
it had rained heavily over night and thought
the ocean might look interesting.

The tide was high!

Part of the road was blocked off to vehicles
for the ocean was crashing over the seawall
and throwing rocks into the road!

The sea and sky never cease to amaze me.

Later in the afternoon, the sky cleared and the
wind picked up even more.

Leaving my studio tonight, I had been thinking
of the moon and wondering if it had risen yet.
I looked over to see it shining through the very beautiful!


Lori ann said...

Beautiful pictures Nan. I love the sea and all it's moods too. It looks like a lovely day.
xo lori

Judy Hartman said...

As always, Nan, your photos transport me to a magical world. The ocean photos are just gorgeous!

Yarrow said...

That's a fabulous moon, Nan :D
Your sea looks so cold and the waves are wild. Would you believe that I actually went swimming in the sea yesterday! It was cold, but invigorating!!!