Sunday, November 22, 2009

My New Blog: Memories of Marblehead

Oh dear, I was inspired to start another blog by
just thinking of Marblehead and how special it
was to me at the time I lived there.

just click here or on the picture of my bike and Marblehead
above to visit my new blog!

Hope you enjoy the ride!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

What? Maine....I am "pretending" I live in Maine out here in California..kinda hard is 81 degrees :-{

I don't like it.
I have a friend who lives half here in San Luis Obispo, Ca and half in Christmas Cove, South Bristol, Maine

You are so talented..I LOVE your art...beautiful.....



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

p.s. do you know Lynn Karlin, photographer. She lives in Maine. A friend of mine. How about Melissa Sweet, Illustrator. I don't know her , but my friend in Maine is her friend...just wondered if we had any mutual friends...I have had some pretty interesting connections in blogland.


Nan and =^..^= said...

My Farmhouse Kitchen
Hi Kary,
Thanks so much for visiting!
Have you ever lived in Maine?
I stopped by your blog and loved looking through it and can see that you do love Maine! I will be back soon to browse some more when I have more time. I don't know Lynn Karlin but I do know of Melissa Sweet and many years ago I attended an illustrators get-together at her home when she lived in Portland, an amazing home but I don't really know her personally. She's a wonderful illustrator and I had seen her speak several years ago.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
best wishes,

Yarrow said...

All of your pictures are incredible! There are just soooo many 'wow's' that I couldn't begin to pin them down, from the waves to the frost and amidst it all, a delicate dragonfly. Wonderful :)