Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gift

A large box was delivered to our home on
Tuesday morning...a gift from my Dad...
Brody approved of the box immediately!
It arrived from Amazon...

My Dad said we'll be in the dough now!

And sure enough, late last night our first loaf
of gluten free bread was ready...what a treat!

So delicious! I wonder how long this will last...
I have a feeling this bread maker will be used often!

The bread is a mix from Bob's Red Mill...this is the
Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix and they
have many gluten-free products if you click here.
I highly recommend them!

Do you have any experience with Bread Maker Machines
or gluten-free recipes?


Willoughby said...

I have a bread maker, but I must admit that I don't use it very often. It works really well, but it's so big that I store it in the basement. Your bread looks so good that I'm thinking I should get it back out!

I don't have any experience with gluten free recipes, but I know there are lots of them available online.

Gigi said...

I used to have a bread maker, and now I'm wishing I had one still. My favorite thing was setting it up at night on the timer and waking up in the morning to fresh baked bread!

I adore Bob's Red Mill, too, Nancy! Have you tried their gluten-free cornbread? It's really delicious. I'm not on a gluten-free diet, but so many people I cook for are that I always keep some Bob's mixes in the cupboard, especially the chocolate cake! :)

Thanks so much for your comment on my Gilsland Farms post. They're having an owl event in December that I thought you might be interested in. Here's the link for info:

I'm going to do some catching up on your blog now that I'm here. It's always a treat to visit. xo Gigi

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Willoughby,
I think you might really enjoy using your bread maker again! I actually ended up spending a few days cleaning and rearranging the cupboards to make a space for it in our tiny kitchen.
My Dad had found his old bread maker a few months ago after years of being in the basement and had started making the Gluten free Bob's Red Mill bread and loves it so much! He thought we could probably use one and I think we will love it, too!

Oh, so good to hear from you!
We have tried the corn bread and love it but haven't tried the chocolate cake yet.

Thanks for the link about the owl going to check it out next!
Thanks again for visiting!

Lori ann said...

How kind of your Dad, what a lovely gift. I use Bob's Red Mill, we have a supply of most of the flour's they make. But not gluten free.

I've never used a bread machine before, maybe someday i'll get one. I do really love the process by hand.