Monday, April 30, 2012

Painting A Memory

I started this with thoughts about our beloved cat,
Ellie May, who we lost in February at the age of 19.
For years I've been collecting stories about her amazing
life and have been painting her with thoughts of putting
something together for a book.
This view of Kennebunkport is from a hill that shows
the building where Ellie May started out before she
became part of our family. She was a neighbor to our
gallery when we were in a shop space where the river
meets the sea. The is a view of the old neighborhood.
I hope to someday put something together in Ellie May's


Lori ann said...

oh nan, i hope you do too and i hope this beautiful painting is making you smile thinking of ellie may.

i'm glad you were able to get the comment box sorted out (thank you to d). if we ever have trouble again, we should just become penpals. :)

Lynne said...

I have wonderful memories of Ellie May and your shop where the river meets the sea. We still walk by the location and think of when you were there. Your painting is beautiful and I can picture it all in my mind. Have thought of you often. Will touch base soon. :)

Judy Hartman said...

This is an exquisite painting - so much detail and lovely color. Doing something in Ellie May's honor would be wonderful. I think all of your readers remember her fondly.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Lori, Lynne and Judy,
Was good to hear from you all and appreciate your encouragement.