Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clear and Cold

A very cold clear day here in southern Maine...
lost the lens cap for my camera at the beach
this morning while photographing this...
I searched and searched and it was
nowhere to be found, blended in with the rocks
if that is where I dropped it.
I sure hope I will be able to find a replacement
for it, I'll have to be very careful til then!

D is planning ahead and just went back
to the beach late this afternoon
to begin collecting seaweed for the vegetable garden.

Hope you are having a good Sunday!


Lori ann said...

oh dear, sorry you lost your lens cap. they do sell replacements, my husband has lost a few...till then if you cover the lens with a filter that should protect it.
the beach does looks so pretty and cold!
is the seaweed for fertilizing?

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Lori,
Oh, I had been so careful with the lens cap all this time but now it's definitely gone and I don't think the ocean will bring it back...I do have a filter on it but I don't want to scratch that either! I'll have to look for a replacement or two just in case!
The seaweed is for has many trace minerals.
Thanks for stopping by and for the advice!