Sunday, January 24, 2010

In My Pockets

We took a very invigorating walk late this
afternoon on the beach...I had two scarves wrapped
around my neck! I can't help but collect sea treasures
whenever I walk and today was no exception.
When I got home I emptied my pockets and
here are my gems!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

love this...reminds me of our group we have going here in blogland called 'Tiny Treasure Collector'...started by Dawn from May All Seasons Be Sweet To Thee....I have the button on my sidebar..the same idea as this...when out for a walk...people from all over world..look for and post the tiny treasures they find on a walk...

such a lovely idea....and this is wonderful from the seas of Maine...

I love it

more later, friend


quiltcat said...

Lovely shells...and nice basket! you mentioned in one of your posts about how cold your hands get taking your gloves off to take pictures...sounds like you need a pair of those mittens that have fingerless gloves inside, where you can fold the mitten part aside and use your fingers, then tuck them back inside.

Willoughby said...

Great shells! I was wondering, do the types of shells you find change from season to season?

Nan and =^..^= said...

kary, thanks so much for your comment and I'll take a look at the "Tiny Treasure Collector". Stop by again!

those mittens sound perfect for hands have been getting so cold lately...

Thanks! Sometimes we do notice changed in the kind and amount of certain shells from season to season and also with big storms. The sand dollars seem more prevalent in the summer.
One thing we've noticed over the years is the some of the shells we used to see are gone! One that comes to mind is the moon shell. We used to find lots of large moon shells on the beaches near us and now it is rare to find a very tiny one.