Sunday, January 31, 2010

Orange Moon

Tonight we bundled up and rode over
to the ocean for a view of the
moon rising over the sea. It was so very
dark out with many stars.
A narrow cloud layer was along to the
horizon but it didn't take long for the moon
to rise above it and glow...

So lovely to see and I'm happy to be able to
share it here!


JC said...

That's go nice..
I'm usually in the car without a camera ...

Willoughby said...

Wow, that really does look orange! It looks like a harvest moon!

ruthie said...

Hi there, beautiful photos, we went off to see the moon too ans i forgot my camera. It was quite spectacular here also. Wow i think it is an amazing thought that we look up to the same moon all those thousands of miles apart. Hope you are well x x x

Nan and =^..^= said...

isn't it often the one time you don't bring the camera is the time you wish you had it the most!

It seemed the most intensely orange near the horizon!

so nice to have you stop by...I was recently thinking the same thought about all of the people so far apart and yet connected in some way by looking at the moon.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you, so beautiful. I was walking my dog just before supper and it was shimmering and in between the streets I saw the moon rise: this moon and at midnight I saw her again and the stars. I stood and watched for quite a while. Wasn't it the greatest moon of all; I can see why you drow to the oceanside.
One Earth one Sun one Moon....