Friday, January 22, 2010

Late Afternoon

How I loved the soft subtle colors in the sky and
sea late this afternoon...walking on the beach
was very chilly, especially when I kept taking my
hands out of my gloves to take pictures!

The tide was high and the water reached the
small beach rocks along the shore...

I love finding treasures in the sand and came
across this mussel shell that had so many
beautiful colors.

D and I just decided to continue our ride and
head down Ocean Ave. and that 's when I spotted
a bird on the wire...from a distance I thought it
was a Mourning Dove, but as we approached it
we realized it was a hawk...quickly D turned the
car around and we were able to sit quietly in the
car as I took some photos. Unfortunately, many
of them came out very blurry but a few were
relatively clear.

The bird book helped us to identify
it as a Cooper's hawk!

Several times the hawk flew to different
wires in the same vicinity before flying off in the
direction of the ocean as the
sun set.

It was a magical late afternoon!


Judy Hartman said...

That first photo made me sigh, and the Cooper's hawk is amazing. Very beautiful photos, Nan.

Willoughby said...

You have such a wonderful way of capturing a mood with your photos. The first photo of the beach feels a little "lonely" to me. As if the sand and the surf are missing the summer. Silly, maybe, but that's how it feels to me.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Judy H, thanks and seeing the hawk was such a surprise!

I know what you mean about the beach feeling a little lonely...we usually think of beaches as a summer place; sunny and warm and enjoyed by those on vacation. It is strange to think of it with snow and empty!

quiltcat said...

Beautiful photos! the colors of the sky are so much like a watercolor... Your hawk photo is fascinating...might possibly be a sharpshinned hawk rather than a cooper's (their tails are shorter...but they look an awful lot alike!).