Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prelude Weekend, Kennebunkport

This past weekend was the Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport.
We were part of the first Prelude 29 years ago when we had our
gallery and enjoyed many more for about 23 years.
Now that my studio is off the beaten path my
visible presence at the Prelude is to be in a craft fair.
I also have some art in the Whimsy Shop in Dock Square and
my studio is opened for those who would like to visit!
(Call or e-mail for directions!)

The Craft Fair was at the Consolidated School on Saturday.
After setting it up on Friday night we drove through
Dock Square...

...very festive with sparkling lights everywhere!

After finding a parking spot in front of our first gallery
in the Lower village on Sunday, we wandered over to
Dock Square and poked our heads into some shops.

It was very cold and gray!

The Clam Shack was closed for the season.

The bridge pigeons took to the air...

The crowds of Saturday had thinned out...

The road was cleared for Santa's arrival by Lobster Boat...

Santa's Lobster Helpers waited by the tree...

The simplicity and tranquility of the beach at sunset
was very soothing!

In the evening we had the pleasure of attending
a wonderful Party
and I met the sweetest dog named Maisie.

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Dielampendekoheike said...

the Christmas lights on the one picture looks really good and does what her in the dark ... :)