Friday, May 22, 2009

The Vegetable Garden

D has been busy working in the vegetable garden...

He's been making gates to keep the woodchucks
on the outside of the vegetable garden.
They used to have an underground tunnel with
an entrance/exit right inside the garden.

He's been gathering wood chips to line the paths
with... so much to do to prepare and this isn't even the
planting part.

He's planning to have poles that beans can run up
and grow squash and sunflowers in this area.

Today was in the high 80's and the heat has zapped our
energy! May have to follow our cat, Ellie May's example and take
a cat nap!


D carefully planted sunflower seeds with seedlings in the
plastic seed starter tray for germination this morning,
feeling pleased that he had started something.
He put it out on the back porch for safe keeping for fear
that if he put it outside someone would eat it...
Polly hangs out on the back porch
and could keep an eye on it.

To his dismay, just a few minutes ago, he went to check on the
tray of sunflowers seeds and someone had dug them up!
Horror! Who could have gotten into the porch....
Hmmmm, could this be the culprit ?

Spotted nearby the back porch steps.

To see him/her in action click here and here...


quiltcat said...

that plump little specimen could definitely be the guilty party, although his/her cheek pouches don't appear full at the moment! (did you ask Polly how she could have let the little invader in?)

Willoughby said...

The chipmunk is so cute, even if he is a thief. My daughter and I will be planting sunflower seeds over the weekend, I hope we don't have the same problem!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hmmmm, Polly takes many breaks, so chippy could have easily slipped in...

I do think they are very cute! I hope you and your daughter have good luck planting your sunflower seeds and that they grow without disturbance!